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Depth of massage

The key to any deep muscle treatment is precise amplitude - how far the gun's massage head moves back and forth to reach the body with each stroke. The GYMGUN fit 2.0 is characterized by an amplitude of 10 mm, which reaches 40% deeper into the muscle than average massagers


Percussion massage -
comfortably at home

Percussion therapy has a profound effect on the cardiovascular system and supplies the muscles with important substances that they need most urgently.

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The following are some basic best practices for using the GYMTASTIC Massage Gun:

1. Always turn on the GYMTASTIC before placing it on the body.

2. Use speeds 1-15 for muscle recovery and speeds 16-25 for a soothing massage and to warm up the muscles before training.

3. Simply glide the GYMTASTIC over the muscles that need the most attention and let the massage gun do the work for you. Gently move it up and down the muscle, applying light to medium pressure as needed.

4. Remember to breathe and relax so that your muscles can loosen up while the GYMTASTIC unleashes its full power.

Tension is one of the main causes of most physical complaints and pain. Massage treatment with the GYMTASTIC massage gun effectively and efficiently relieves tension in soft tissue.

The impact massage overrides pain signals to the brain, increases heat in the tissue and relieves tension. This is achieved by using strokes that generate an impact of between 1,200-3,600 strokes per minute.

Whether you are an athlete, physiotherapist or simply want to relieve tension and pain - GYMTASTIC® offers you the ideal aid to improve your physical well-being. Percussion massage can enhance athletic performance, promote faster recovery and relieve tension and pain.

The GYMTASTIC massage gun helps with the following concerns:

- Accelerates recovery and muscle repair

- Increases blood and lymph flow

- Relieves muscle cramps and stiffness

- Breaks up scar tissue

- Improves the breakdown of lactic acid

- Activates the nervous system and muscles

- Muscle fatigue, -pain, tension, aches and knots

- Natural stress relief

- Myofascial relaxation (7x more effective than a foam roller)

Since the GYMTASTIC massage gun has a lithium-ion battery, it may only be carried in hand luggage.

You'll love your Massage Gun - we're convinced of that, because the percussive massage therapy ensures maximum well-being, higher performance and a significant reduction in pain and tension. If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase price.

With our 60-day money-back guarantee, you can try out your new favorite tool without any obligation or risk.

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